Welcome to Opal City!

Welcome to a city at war with it’s self. A modern city of light and hope struggling to claw it’s way back from it’s own the dark past. Opal city built over the past sins of it’s forefathers It’s sins wrought from greed that is so tightly wrapped and intertwined to it’s past and future – that it seems to be a lodestone hung about the neck Opal City determined to drag the city down and then drown the city as it struggles to escape the swirling abyss of corruption.

Opal is a city in need of heroes to rescue it! Are you those heroes? Will you risk your life to defend and save others? Or are you just one more of the blood sucking leeches drinking the life blood of the city and getting fat off the misery of others?

What is that I hear in the distance? Alarms going off and people screaming in terror this looks like a job for heroes! The question is…“are you ready”?

Vanguard of the Future

TheBloodKnight JacobShockley storm_crow