Vanguard of the Future

Sewer Sentinels Save City...Sort of.
Team Player and Lone Wolf stand together with mixed results

After a massive explosion rocked downtown Opal City and three individuals responded rushing to save the day. The first to arrived was quickly overwhelmed by the elemental power Equinox, before the other heroes could even arrive on scene. The second individual to arrive was a down and out, jazz playing, man of action, who on arrival surveyed the area.

The being called Equinox seems to have the elemental power fire & ice. In fact he seemed to be encased in ice armor and simultaneously shrouded in fire. Equinox seemed to be ranting about being betrayed and imprisoned but wasn’t completely coherent.

The fore mentioned man of action, , decided to try and sneak up on Equinox, but was unable to. Equinox sent a swath of ice darts at ,fortunately Equinox was not fully in control of his powers and the darts went wide of their intended target.

The being called “Wolf-Beast” by the press, climb out of the sewers where he has made his home and been hiding. Unsure of whom was the “villain” the wolf being challenged the more dangerous looking of the two. Equinox responded by saying, “Have you been sent by them to capture me?”

The Wolf-Beast unsure what to make of this answer,decided to go check out the first hero to arrive who was unconscious on ground. Equinox formed an ice wall between himself and the two conscious heroes then attempted to leave. Apparently mistaking Equinox as some sort of mad bomber, removed his saxiphone from it’s case and tossed the case at Equinox, which bounced off harmlessly. He then screamed “Bomber! You destroyed everything here didn’t you? Come back here! Somebody stop him!”

Welcome to Opal City!
A City on the Brink

Welcome to a city at war with it’s self. A modern city of light and hope struggling to claw it’s way back from it’s own the dark past. Opal city built over the past sins of it’s forefathers It’s sins wrought from greed that is so tightly wrapped and intertwined to it’s past and future – that it seems to be a lodestone hung about the neck of Opal City determined to drag the city down and then drown it in the swirling abyss of corruption.

Opal is a city in need of heroes to rescue it! Are you those heroes? Will you risk your life to defend and save others? Or are you just one more of the blood sucking leeches drinking the life blood of the city and getting fat off the misery of others?


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